IT - Technical Writer


    Determine the needs of end users of technical documentation 

      Work with technical staff to make products easier to use and thus need fewer instructions 

        Organize and write supporting documents for products. Use photographs, drawings, diagrams, animation, and charts that increase users’ understanding 

          Gather usability feedback from customers, designers, and manufacturers 

          Revise documents as new issues arise 

          Create, edit and issue templates to store information and documents to ensure compliance with the bank‘s quality standards 

          Learn and apply advanced methods and tools to publish documents in multimedia formats 

                JOB REQUIREMENT

                    Standardize content across platforms and media

                    Bachelor degree related to IT, MIS or some relevant degree 

                    At least 2 year- experiences in scripting for Software Development Life Cycle and Project Management. 

                    Strong writing and editing diversified materials related to online instruction, process, training and blog… 

                    Good communication in both English and Vietnamese 

                    Strong experience in MS, Open Office, Confluence…  

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