IT - Data Warehouse Manager


Implement, organize and control the process of data architecture design; executing the process of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) into the Data Warehouse system, develop Dashboard system & Management Reports serving for management needs, business operations of the bank and comply with Data Governance 


Work with MIS-reporting team and Advanced Analytics team of Data & Analytics department to develop dashboard and management reports as requested by Business Users. 

Examine, analyze and evaluate source data 

Organize, implement and supervise team’s works: 

  • Creating the logical data model, deploying physical data model. 
  • Design, build, execute, and manage the data extraction process 
  • Design, build dashboards, reports 
  • Compare & checking data 
  • Comply with ACB Data Governance 

Technical support, solve problem. 

Create Backup for each resource and for self 

Time management, resource management, knowledge sharing, training the team members and creating trainers 

Research new data warehouse techniques and apply them to team’s works. 

Participate projects and/or implement other jobs as per assignment /authorized 

Data Mart for each business function 


  1. Educational Qualifications 

Graduate majoring related to IT or MIS 

  1. Relevant Knowledge/ Expertise 

Knowledge of banking (products, services, process,..) 

Knowledge of MIS, Data Warehouse 

Knowledge of database management and data mining 

Knowledge of Data Model, Case tools 

Proficient Database: Oracle, SQL Server, Visual Fox, MS Access 

Proficient  Data Modeling tools: Erwin, Power Designer… 

Proficient ETL tools: DataStage, SSIS, ODI, Infomatica… 

Has knowledge about programming languages: C#, VB.NET, SQL, PL / SQL, Visual Fox… 

  1. Skills 

Ability of reading, understanding IT materials in English 

Organize and manage staff Capability 

Business Analysis Capability 

Problem Solving Capability 

Negotiation Capability 

Communications Capability 

  1. Relevant Experiences 

At least 05 years working experience in banking data processing or related fields in Data Warehouse, ETL tools, data modeling, Dashboard & report system. 

  1. Personal Characteristics 

Proactive, creative, and patient 

Hard work, careful 

Willing to learn more, adapt quickly to new things (because the process, management requirements, technology, ...change frequently)

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