IT - Project Management Specialist

Job Descriptions:

  • Participating in the projects as coordinator, project management director, project director.
  • Participating in project schedule preparation, reporting the project status periodically.
  • Learn about the technical and business issues of the project being implemented. Participate in partner-led training courses
  • Participating in solving the project issues which are related to schedule, scope and timeline
  • Consulting, supporting on procedures and templates used in project management process
  • Organizing all softcopy/hardcopy documents related to the in-charged projects
  • Participating in the preparation of project management process for IT Division


1/ Educational Qualification

  • University degree in disciplines related to Information Technology - Economy - Finance – Banking

2/ Relevant Knowledge/ Expertise

  • Knowledge about project management
  • Basic Knowledge about IT
  • Basic Knowledge about banking business
  • Can read and understand English documents
  • Skills using software needed for work.

3/ Skills

  • Communication skills, negotiation and persuasion
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Teamwork skills, take advantage of the advice of experts
  • Foreign Language: English (basic reading and conversation skill)
  • Can organize work systematically

4/ Relevant Experiences

  • At least 03 years working in IT
  • Priority for PMP certified personnel

5/ Personal Characteristic

  • Proactive, creative, and patient
  • Inquisitive and willing to absorb new knowledge
  • Hard work, careful
  • Integrity, honesty
  • Taking a disciplined, high sense of responsibility
  • Consciously learning, mental and demand, adapt to new ones
  • Dynamic, enthusiastic.


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