IT - Software Architecture Specialist

Review documents at Quality Gate, understand software architecture, software architecture at the enterprise level. Managing and operating the financial application system and related programs; Ensure the stability and continuity of applications on the system, support for head offices/ departments, branches in checking/ editing/ using the application system to improve service quality customers, meet administrative and business requirements.


  • Check out the documents at Quality Gate
  • Upgrade and update sample documents at Quality Gate
  • Design of integrated systems at the banking system level
  • Understand and draw the overall architecture diagram at ACB
  • Consulting solutions for business units
  • Review architecture of vendors
  • Building document “Technical principles & standard”
  • Improve IT infrastructure, optimize business operations, and set the approach for integrating information applications and programs.
  • Catalog, develop, coordinate, communicate, maintain, and enforce overall enterprise architecture models, representations, initiatives, capabilities, and components
  • Build architecture repository and build standards and policies for the "AS-IS" state; build master
    plan documentation with roadmap to achieve the "TO BE" state.


1. Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree or above: major in economics / banking / IT

2. Relevant Knowledge/ Expertise

  • Knowledge of software development
  • Knowledge of system integration
  • Knowledge of IT architecture for enterprise

3. Skill

  • Teamwork skill
  • Skills of planning and implementation
  • Skills of guiding and training staff
  • Skills of using database querying language
  • Writing skills
  • Communication skills in English

4. Relevant Experiences

  • At least 7 years working with IT on software development

5. Personal Characteristic

  • Broad understanding and questioning
  • Not following the path
  • Frankly, honestly
  • Active and creative

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